Single-Phase PS-PWM Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter Current THD Optimization by Unequal DC Sources Switching Sequence Selection

Alex Ruderman

Nazarbayev University

Alex Ruderman (M'07, SM'17) was born in Leningrad, USSR, in 1957. He received his M.Sc. degree with honors from Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute (1980) and Ph.D. degree fromLeningrad Polytechnic Institute (1987). In 1995-2003, Alex worked for Intel Microprocessor Development Center (Haifa, Israel) as a research scientist investigating into microprocessors thermal stabilization, static timing calculation, power delivery and power reduction. In 2006, he joined as a chief scientist Elmo Motion Control (Petach Tikva, Israel), the makers of compact intelligent servo drives that are allegedly used by NASA in Mars Curiosity and InSight missions. Since 2013, Alex is a professor at Nazarbayev University School of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and a director of Power Electronics Research Lab (PERL). Over the past years, he has been extensively involved in research on multilevel converters and published more than 60 conference and journal papers. Alex was a member of IEEE Power Electronics Technical Committee (PETC) (2010-2013) and since 2013 is an Associate Editor for IET Journal of Power Electronics. He serves as a technical program / scientific / steering committee member for a number of international power electronics conferences.


  1. Nurzhan Zhuldassov (Nazarbayev University)
  2. Alex Ruderman (Nazarbayev University)

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Track 1 Topics: New power converters and controls for wind, solar PV, CHP, wave and tidal, , Track 1 Topics: Grid integration using solid state transformers, and medium voltage dc dis


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