Control of two Five-Phase Parallel Connected Single Source Motor Drives under Balanced and Unbalanced Conditions

Osama Saadeh

German Jordanian University

Dr. Osama S Saadeh obtained the B.Sc. degree in EE from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan in 2004, the M.Sc. degree in EE in 2007, and the Ph.D. degree in EE in 2011 both from the University of Arkansas, USA. Dr. Saadeh was an assistant professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at JUST from 2011-2017, where he also served as Energy Center Director from 2014-2016. Dr. Saadeh joined the Energy Engineering Department at the German Jordanian University in 2017 where he is currently an assistant professor.  His research interest are in wide bandgap semiconductors, power electronic interfaces and grid applications, inverters, converters, wireless power transfer, renewable energy systems, smart grid applications, electric vehicles and distributed energy resources. Dr. Saadeh is a professional engineer in Jordan, a member of IEEE and Eta Kappa Nu.


  1. Osama Saadeh (German Jordanian University)
  2. Monther Dalbah (Jordan University of Science and Technology)
  3. Zakariya Dalala (German Jordanian University)

Topic Areas

Track 1 Topics: New power converters and controls for wind, solar PV, CHP, wave and tidal, , Track 1 Topics: High efficiency power conversion for sustainable sources


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