Investigating an effective method of using Risk Triggered Commentary Driving and Point & Call checks

Ayanori Sato

Railway Technical Research Institute

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Nicholas Bowler

Rail Safety and Standards Board

Graduated from Loughborough University in June 2014 with a degree in Ergonomics (Human Factors Design). I have been working with RSSB’s Human Factors team since and have a keen interest in incident/accident investigation and systems ergonomics. I also enjoy technology and am leading projects concerning the introduction of ERTMS and the use of CCTV during train dispatch.


There are various techniques which train drivers adopt in order to prevent human errors. Risk-Triggered Commentary driving (RTC) was developed by a consultancy on behalf of Arriva Trains Wales. RTC is a rehearsal technique... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ayanori Sato (Railway Technical Research Institute)
  2. Nicholas Bowler (Rail Safety and Standards Board)

Topic Areas

Signals and signage; SPADs , Human error and human reliability


2PS-4A » SPADs (15:55 - Tuesday, 15th September, Flourish)



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