Use of optical and radar remote sensing for environmental applications

Dr. Brigitte Leblon & Dr. Armand LaRocque

University of New Brunswick

Dr. Brigitte Leblon is professor of remote sensing at the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada. She holds an Agricultural Engineer degree of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and a PhD in remote sensing of the École Supérieure Agronomique de Montpellier (France). She has engaged in geomatics and remote sensing research for more than twenty five years and has published over 200 refereed publications (including five book chapters). With her students, she won several prestigious awards. Her research and teaching offerings proliferated in short order, with courses not only in photo-interpretation, but also in remote sensing, including optical, thermal infrared, radar and radar polarimetry. She pioneered the development of online courses in geomatics. Dr. Leblon’s online courses are offered not only in English, but also in French and in Spanish. The courses attract dozens of students from across Canada and around the world, from Japan to France and from USA to Australia. Dr. Leblon is also very active in university affairs, having served as the associate director of the UNB Wood Science and Technology Centre, and serving as the coordinator of the European strategy of UNB and being currently the director of TRANSFOR-M, a dual degree Master’s program in forestry and environment between Europe and Canada which got in 2014 an international award for the most innovative graduate program. She is also visiting professor at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and the Faculty of Forestry at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität of Freiburg (Germany) and she is currently principal investigators in several international research projects. Finally, she is associate editor of IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing and of Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing and served as guest editor for several international journals. She is also heavily involved in the Canadian Remote Sensing Society, as vice-president, chair of the Atlantic Chapter, and chair of the working group#5 (Awards and Certifications).

Dr. Armand LaRocque is a research associate in remote sensing at the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada, as well as part-time professor of geology, physical geography and geomatics at the Université de Moncton, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (physical geography) as well as a Master of Science degree from the Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, and a Ph.D. degree in geography from the Université de Montréal, Canada. In addition to his geomorphology and his physical geography background, he is also a specialist in air photo interpretation, remote sensing and GIS. He took part in one of the first research projects about the civil use of the SAR images in Earth’s surface mapping in Canada, as part of the first Canada’s SAR satellite mission (RADARSAT-1). His most recent research focuses on the combined use of SAR images (RADARSAT-2 and ALOS-PALSAR) with optical images (LANDSAT-5 TM, LANDSAT-7 ETM+ and LANDSAT-8 OLI) for land cover, surficial geology, permafrost, wetland mapping in Canada as well as archeological features in Mexico. He had already published more than 70 refereed publications and conference presentations. He has also an extensive teaching experience, having taught 23 different courses more than 70 times, both in French and in English. He also co-authored with Dr. Leblon several online courses in geomatics and participated in numerous media interviews.


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