Drones in the service of the agriculture sector

Prof. Karem Chokmani


Dr. Karem Chokmani is a professor in remote sensing and statistical hydrology at the Centre Eau Terre Environment (water earth and environment center) of INRS (Quebec City, Canada). He holds a PhD in geomatics from Laval University (Quebec City), a M.Sc. in agriculture engineering from the same university and B.Sc. in agricultural engineering from INAT (Tunisia). Since he joined INRS in June 2007, he was committed to making a significant and original contribution to the advancement of knowledge in geomatics and statistics applied to the management and conservation of water resources. The main goal of this commitment is to develop effective decision-making tools at the cutting edge of knowledge and technology. He therefore set up a research program devoted to the development of methodologies for the estimation and monitoring of water resources. The aim of this program is to combine the synoptic quality of remote sensing data, spatial processing capacity of geomatics tools, statistical modeling and in situ observation methods. The aspects of uncertainty analysis are also taken into account. Three main areas of research are privileged: statistical hydrology, surface water quality, and agricultural geomatics and precision agriculture.


(English) Drones in the service of the agriculture sector (Prof. Karem Chokmani, INRS-ETE, QC) [ view full abstract ]


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