Space-based GMTI radar

Chuck Livingstone


Chuck Livingstone has worked with airborne and space-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) since 1978. His early work on airborne SAR resulted in the development of the multi polarization / polarimetric / interferometric CCRS CV-580 SAR system that supported CCRS SAR research, and the development of RADARSATs 1 and 2. In 1998 he proposed an experimental GMTI mode for RADARSAT-2 and obtained DND support for its development. He worked with MDA on the RADARSAT-2 GMTI mode realization and led a DRDC R&D team to develop SAR-GMTI theory and practice that led to the current RADARSAT-2 experimental GMTI modes.


There are currently three synthetic aperture radar ground moving target indication (SAR-GMTI) radars on orbit that can measure the motion of cultural and some natural targets on the earth’s surface. Although these radars are... [ view full abstract ]


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