Evaluation of the H2 production stage via SER under suitable conditions for the Ca/Cu looping process

Gemma Grasa


Dr. Gemma Grasa: I am a Tenured Researcher working at CSIC since 1998. I have been working on CO2 capture based on Calcium looping technologies both in post-combustion and pre-combustion application since year 2002 through participation in several European projects. At the moment I participate, among others, in the FP7 project ASCENT that aims the proof of concept of the Ca/Cu H2 production process.


  1. Gemma Grasa (ICB-CSIC)
  2. M Victoria Navarro (ICB-CSIC)
  3. José Manuel López (ICB-CSIC)
  4. Laura Diez (ICB-CSIC)
  5. Jose Ramon Fernandez (INCAR-CSIC)
  6. Ramón Murillo (ICB-CSIC)

Topic Areas

Pre-combustion capture , Novel technologies


C4 » Session C4 - Pre-combustion Capture (10:20 - Wednesday, 14th June, R8)