Preparation and evaluation of new sorbent materials for the Sorption Enhanced Water-Gas Shift (SEWGS) reaction

Bjørnar Arstad

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

Dr. Bjørnar Arstad is a senior Research Scientist at SINTEF where he has been working since 2004. Before that, he obtained a PhD within the field of heterogeneous catalysis from the University of Oslo. His main interests lies within the field of catalysis, solid sorbents and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, in particular solid-state NMR of inorganic materials.


  1. Bjørnar Arstad (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry)
  2. Richard Blom (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry)
  3. Fredrik Lundvall (University of Oslo)
  4. Georgios Kalantzopoulos (University of Oslo)
  5. Helmer Fjellvåg (University of Oslo)
  6. Anja Sjåstad (University of Oslo)

Topic Area

Pre-combustion capture


C4 » Session C4 - Pre-combustion Capture (10:20 - Wednesday, 14th June, R8)