CCS/CCU and renewables-possible combining technologies

Edesio Miranda-Barbosa

European Comission/DG Joint Research Centre

Edesio Miranda-Barbosa is an engineer geologist and holds a Master in Sedimentology/Petrology and a PhD in Applied Mineralogy (INPL/LEM/Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy, France). He has a large experience in CO2 Storage, CO2-Enhanced oil recovery and low carbon energy, as well as in R&D business development. He worked in France, Norway and  since November 2015, he is working at the JRC - European Comission in the Netherlands on low carbon energy,  between CCS and renewables. His research focusses on Technology Market, Policies, modelling, analysis of Technology/Development market for CCS and combined CCS with renewables such as Geothermal energy.


  1. Edesio Miranda-Barbosa (European Comission/DG Joint Research Centre)
  2. Evangelos Tzimas (European Comission/DG Joint Research Centre)

Topic Area

Novel technologies


B3 » Session B3 - Novel technologies (16:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R5)