The LEILAC Project (Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement)

John Blamey

Imperial College London

John is a Research Associate in the Chemical Engineering Department at Imperial College London.  He has a Masters in Chemistry (Oxford) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering (Imperial).  He worked as a Research Fellow in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Ottawa before taking up his current post.  His primary research interests are: high temperature solid looping cycles for CO2 capture, with a focus on using CaO; CO2 capture from industrial processes; negative emissions technologies; and biomass fractionation.


  1. John Blamey (Imperial College London)
  2. Jan Theulen (HeidelbergCement)
  3. Zhuo Cheng (Imperial College London)
  4. Yun Xu (Imperial College London)
  5. Nilay Shah (Imperial College London)
  6. Paul Fennell (Imperial College London)
  7. Ziad Habib (Lhoist Group)
  8. Daniel Rennie (Calix Europe Ltd)
  9. Thomas Hills (Calix Europe Ltd)
  10. Adam Vincent (Calix Europe Ltd)
  11. Mark Sceats (Calix Europe Ltd)

Topic Areas

CCS in energy intensive industries , International R&D activities incl. pilot and large-scale activities


D1 » Session D1- CCS in Energy Intensive industries (13:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R7)