European Industries, reconciling employment and climate action

Jonas Helseth

Bellona Europa

Jonas Helseth is the Director of Bellona Europa, the EU policy office of the Bellona Foundation, and leads the foundation’s work on CCS. Helseth joined Bellona in 2010, he holds several leadership positions within the EU Technology Platform for CCS (ZEP), including co-chairing the Network for Policy & Economics and the External Relations Group. Helseth has also lead ZEP’s work on CCS in Energy-Intensive Industries (steel, cement, chemicals and refineries) and Bio-CCS respectively, topics rapidly growing in political importance in Europe and globally


  1. Keith Whiriskey (Bellona Europa)
  2. Jonas Helseth (Bellona Europa)

Topic Areas

CCS in energy intensive industries , CCS whole system issues


D4 » Session D4 - International R&D (10:20 - Wednesday, 14th June, R7)