Mapping of Paleo Residual Oil Zones on the NCS and the potential for production by CO2-EOR

Per Eirik Bergmo

SINTEF Petroleum Research

Per E.S. Bergmo (MSc) is presently a Research Scientist at SINTEF Petroleum Research. His main fields of competence are laboratory and field scale reservoir simulations including EOR/IOR, history matching, field development planning and CO2 injection/deposition. He has been involved in a number of CO2 storage related projects, including: SACS (Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage), CO2Store, CO2ReMoVe, ECCO, SiteChar and NORDICCS, doing field scale model building and simulations. He is an experienced reservoir engineer and has laboratory experience including core flooding and swelling of oil with CO2 and CO2-rich gases.


  1. Per Eirik Bergmo (SINTEF Petroleum Research)
  2. Alv-Arne Grimstad (SINTEF Petroleum Research)
  3. Kuncho Kurtev (Previously SINTEF Petroleum Research)

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E3 » Session E3 - EOR and shallow monitoring (16:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R9)