Demonstration of CO2 capture rate control at pilot scale using continuous online solvent measurements

Paul Tait

University of Edinburgh

Paul Tait is a research associate in CO2 capture processes at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses primarily on the pilot-scale testing of dynamic operations for post-combustion capture, and the effect of plant design on dynamic response. Other research interests include the enhancement of solvent kinetics and novel absorber design for PCC.Paul recently submitted his doctoral thesis at the University of Edinburgh, and holds an MChem degree in Chemistry from Heriot-Watt University.


  1. Paul Tait (University of Edinburgh)
  2. William Buschle (University of Edinburgh)
  3. Kris Milkowski (The University of Sheffield)
  4. Muhammad Akram (University of Sheffield)
  5. Prashant Valluri (University of Edinburgh)
  6. M Pourkashanian (University of Sheffield)
  7. Mathieu Lucquiaud (University of Edinburgh)

Topic Area

Post-combustion capture


E5 » Session E5 - Corrective measures and monitoring (12:40 - Wednesday, 14th June, R9)