Baseline monitoring of CO2 and methane for risk assessment of a future pilot CCS site LBr-1: relationship to the residual oil and gas field saturation

Juraj Francu

Czech Geological Survey

Organic and gas geochemist, basin modeler, studied at the Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia, PhD 1987. Worked with Oil and Gas Companies since 1984. Postdocs at the Res. Center Jülich and RWTH Aachen, Germany, Uni. of Missouri Columbia, Geol. Survey of Canada, and Energy and Geoscience Inst., Uni. of Utah. Teaching at the Masaryk University in Brno. Major field of interest includes kerogen type and thermal maturity, biomarkers in oils and sediments, gas isotopes, surface manifestations of oil and gas accumulations, microbial oxidation of methane, secondary CO2 in soil gas. 


  1. Juraj Francu (Czech Geological Survey)
  2. Vit Hladik (CGS)
  3. Eric Ford (IRIS)
  4. Ondřej Prokop (Czech Geological Survey)
  5. Lukas Jurenka (Czech Geological Survey)
  6. Vladimir Kolejka (Czech Geological Survey)
  7. Miroslav Pereszlenyi (Czech Geological Survey)

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E3 » Session E3 - EOR and shallow monitoring (16:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R9)