Fabrication and performance of asymmetric tubular H2 membranes based on lanthanum tungstate–lanthanum chromite composites

Zuoan Li


Dr. Li's research includes cermaic membranes, high temperature fuel cells and electrolysers. He is specialized in surface kinetics and bulk transport properties of ceramic oxygen and hydrogen separation membranes, and numerical simulaitons of membrane reactors and gas transport in porous support.


  1. Zuoan Li (SINTEF)
  2. Marie-Laure Fontaine (SINTEF)
  3. Jonathan Polfus (SINTEF)
  4. Christelle Denonville (SINTEF)
  5. Wen Xing (SINTEF)
  6. Partow Henriksen (SINTEF)
  7. Rune Bredesen (SINTEF)

Topic Areas

Pre-combustion capture , CCS and hydrogen combinations


C4 » Session C4 - Pre-combustion Capture (10:20 - Wednesday, 14th June, R8)