CO2 recycling based on 'Power to Gas-Carbon capture' hybrid systems

Manuel Bailera

University of Zaragoza

Manuel Bailera has a Bachelor in Physics and a Master inRenewable Energy. Currently, he holds a position as doctoral candidateresearcher in the University of Zaragoza, and he has also collaborated withCIRCE Institute and Mines ParisTech. Manuel mainly works in Power to Gas, andhas participated in different projects related to this technology, in which itwas analyzed its implementation in sectors such as chemical industry or Mountain Tourism


  1. Manuel Bailera (University of Zaragoza)
  2. Luis M. Romeo (University of Zaragoza)
  3. Pilar Lisbona (University of Valladolid)
  4. Sergio Espatolero (Fundación CIRCE)
  5. Begoña Peña (University of Zaragoza)

Topic Areas

Oxy-fuel capture , CCUS


D5 » Session D5 - CCUS (12:40 - Wednesday, 14th June, R7)