Uncertainty quantification in waveform-based imaging methods - a Sleipner CO2 monitoring study

Peder Eliasson

SINTEF Petroleum Research

MSc in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Linköping University and CERN. PhD in Physics (elementary particle physics/accelerator physics) at CERN and Uppsala University. Since 2009 working in SINTEF's Geophysics group, both as a research scientist and as the group's research manager. Main focus on development of seismic and electromagnetic modelling and inversion methods for characterization and monitoring of the subsurface. Particular interest in applications for safe CO2 storage. Involved in several CLIMIT-demo projects, task leader for the monitoring work in the BIGCCS and NCCS FME centres and project leader for the uniCQue KPN project and the ACT Pre-ACT project.


  1. Peder Eliasson (SINTEF Petroleum Research)
  2. Anouar Romdhane (SINTEF Petroleum Research)

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