Measurements and Correlations of Physical Properties of Industrial Degraded Monoethanolamine Aqueous Solutions

Huitian Ju

Univeristy of Calgary

Huitian is a master student of chemical engineering in University of Calgary. She has been working on the research area of CO2 capture for almost two years. She received a bachelor degree in chemical engineering in 2015. She developed a strong interest in CO2 capture technologies when she was involved in a project as an undergraduate student. This experience gave her the brief that CO2 capture technologies are of great importance to improve the air pollution and greenhouse effect.


  1. Huitian Ju (Univeristy of Calgary)
  2. Walid Elmoudir (HTC Purenergy Inc.)
  3. Ahmed Aboudheir (HTC Purenergy Inc.)
  4. Nader Mahinpey (University of Calgary)

Topic Areas

Post-combustion capture , CCS in energy intensive industries


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