Energy and cost optimization of partial CO2 capture

Lars Erik Øi

University College of Southeast Norway

Lars Erik Øi is a professor in Process Technology at University College of Southeast Norway. He received his Master in Chemical Engineering from NTH in Trondheim in 1983 and his PhD in Process, Energy and Automation Engineering from Telemark University College in 2012. He has worked 8 years as a researcher for Norsk Hydro and 20 years as an associate professor at Telemark University College. He is lecturing courses in Thermodynamics and Gas purification and energy optimization.  His research fields are process technology and separation technology in general, and glycol dehydration and CO2 capture in special.


  1. Lars Erik Øi (University College of Southeast Norway)
  2. KWANGSU PARK (University College of Southeast Norway)

Topic Areas

Post-combustion capture , CCS in energy intensive industries


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