Retrofit of membrane carbon capture processes to cement manufacture

Maria-Chiara Ferrari

University of Edinburgh

Maria-Chiara Ferrari is a Senior Lecturer (effective August 2017) in Membranes for Carbon Capture in the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. MCF received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy in 2009 with a dissertation on mass transport in polymers. Since 2011 she established her research and the experimental facilities for membranes for gas separation at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focusses on pre and post-combustion carbon capture from power plants (sponsored by ScottishPower and Johnson Matthey) and industrial plants and natural gas purification with both experimental and modelling studies.


  1. Olivia Improta (University of Genova)
  2. Dursun Can Ozcan (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)
  3. Hyungwoong Ahn (University of Edinburgh)
  4. Stefano Brandani (University of Edinburgh)
  5. Maria-Chiara Ferrari (University of Edinburgh)

Topic Area

CCS in energy intensive industries


D2 » Session D2 - CCS in Energy Intensive Industries (14:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R7)