CO2 Capture and Liquefaction onboard of LNG fueled ships

Juliana Monteiro


Dr. Juliana Monteiro has a PhDin CO2 absorption from NTNU. She holds a position as scientificresearcher at TNO in the field of gas treating, in particular CCUS. Since 2009she has been involved in CCS projects, more particularly in CO2capture, and more recently in CO2 utilization. Her activitiesinclude solvent development and characterization, modeling and simulation ofprocesses, conceptually designing plants, assisting the operation of pilots,and performing economical assessment of processes.


  1. Juliana Monteiro (TNO)
  2. Joan van den Akker (Delft University of Technology)
  3. Lex Vredeveldt (TNO)
  4. Peter Van Os (TNO)
  5. Earl Goether (TNO)

Topic Areas

Post-combustion capture , CCS in energy intensive industries


A4 » Session A4 - Novel systems (10:20 - Wednesday, 14th June, R1)