Scale-Up of oxygen Carrier for Chemical-looping combustion using Environmentally SuStainable materials (SUCCESS) – Health & safety assessment, Life Cycle Analysis and recycling options

Lieve Geerts


Lieve Geerts is a biochemist. She works in the risk assessment team of VITO, a technological research institute located in Belgium. Her specialities are exposure assessment and toxicity. She is involved in several projects dealing with safe innovation, meaning that the safety is assessed during development of new chemical products. She will illustrate this with the approach taken for the impact assessment for workers and the environment during use of sustainable oxygen carriers in the EU funded SUCCESS project.


  1. Lieve Geerts (VITO)

Topic Area

Oxy-fuel capture


C3 » Session C3 - Chemical Looping Technologies (16:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R8)