Comparison of two oxygen carriers performances for Chemical Looping Combustion application

Airy Tilland


Dr. Airy TILLAND has obtained a PhD on the Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) at the Laboratoire Réaction and Génie des Procédés of Nancy in 2015. He contributed to the description of the degradation of nickel based oxygen carrier and proposed a relation between morphological modification of the material and process performances. Since the end of his PhD, he is in charge of experimentation and modelling of CLC process at IFP Energies Nouvelles. Recently he has compared two different oxygen carriers in the CE/FP7 SUCCESS project on the base of experimental (10 kW pilot plant) and modelling work (kinetic study).


  1. Airy Tilland (IFPEN)
  2. Arnold Lambert (IFPEN)
  3. William Pelletant (IFPEN)
  4. David Chiche (IFPEN)
  5. Christine Bounie (IFPEN)
  6. Stephane Bertholin (IFPEN)

Topic Area

Oxy-fuel capture


C3 » Session C3 - Chemical Looping Technologies (16:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R8)