Post-combustion CO2 capture with membrane contactor technology using phase change solvents as liquid absorbents

Luca Ansaloni

NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering

Luca Ansaloni got his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna in 2014 and now he is a postdoctoral fellow in the Chemical Engineering Department at NTNU. His main research interests are related to gas separation membranes and membrane contactor for CO2 capture, and membrane technology for glycols dehydration. Currently, he is involved in two CO2 capture projects: the EU-funded NANOMEMC2, about the development of advanced nanocomposite membranes for gas separation, and in the Norwegian national project 3GMC, about the development of membrane contactor technology using new generation solvents for post combustion capture. 


  1. Luca Ansaloni (NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering)
  2. Hanna K. Knuutila (NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering)
  3. Liyuan Deng (NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering)

Topic Area

Post-combustion capture


B1 » Session B1- Membranes contactors/membranes (13:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R5)