Cross-linked PTMSP membrane with reduced physical aging for CO2 Separation

Jing Deng

NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering

Research: Surface modification of polymeric membrane for gas separationEducation: - 08/2016-Now Norwegian University of Science and Technology  Chemical Engineering   PhD - 09/2013-07/2016 Institute of Process Engineering               Chemical Engineering               Master"Novel ether-functionalized ionic liquid composite membrane for CO2 separation" - 09/2009-07/2013 Nankai University & Tianjin University    Molecular Science and Engineering       Dual Bachelor


  1. Jing Deng (NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering)
  2. Sandra Suciu (NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering)
  3. Zhongde Dai (NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering)
  4. Marius Sandru (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry)
  5. Liyuan Deng (ntnu)

Topic Areas

Post-combustion capture , Novel technologies


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