New fabrication methods for high performance CO2 capture membranes

Marius Sandru

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

Marius Sandru works on Sintef Materials and Chemistry since 2012 mostl. He has a Master degree from University of Bucharest and a doctoral degree from NTNU.Dr. Marius Sandru is project manager for 7 projects and project initiator for 3 projects in SINTEF -all in the membrane field. He has 12 publications, over 30 presentations at international conferences and supervised 10 Master theses. He was responsible for performing the testing and results analysis at the first membrane pilot in the world for CO2 capture in a coal fired plant (NANOGLOWA FP6 project)


  1. Marius Sandru (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry)
  2. Per Stenstad (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry)
  3. Eugenia Mariana Sandru (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry)
  4. Taek-Joong Kim (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry)
  5. Jing Deng (NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering)
  6. Liyuan Deng (NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering)

Topic Areas

Post-combustion capture , Novel technologies


B2 » Session B2 - Membranes (14:00 - Tuesday, 13th June, R5)