Comparative Analysis of Transport and Storage Options from a CO2-Generating Source Perspective

Tim Grant

U.S. DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory

Timothy C. Grant has been with the U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory since June 2004. Tim is in the Systems Engineering and Analysis Directorate at NETL where he works on carbon storage and CCS infrastructure issues.  He has worked on developing the FE/NETL CO2 Saline Storage Cost Model and is currently working on developing this model for offshore applications.  Tim has about 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry prior to joining NETL.  He has a M.S. in Geology and a M.A. in Economics.  Tim is a registered Professional Geologist in Illinois.


  1. Tim Grant (U.S. DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory)
  2. David Morgan (U.S. DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory)
  3. Donald Remson (U.S. DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory)
  4. Allison Guinan (Leidos, Inc)
  5. ChungYan Shih (Leidos, Inc)
  6. Shangmin Lin (Deloitte)
  7. Derek Vikara (KeyLogic Systems, Inc)

Topic Areas

Transport , CCS whole system issues


B5 » Session B5 - Transport process and integrity (12:40 - Wednesday, 14th June, R5)