Physical Solubility Of Carbondioxide in 1- (2-Hydroxyethyl Piperıdıne) Aqueous Solutions

Jiru Ying


Senior scientist and project manager of Tel-Tek. He has 2 doctoral degrees of Chemical engineering in Telemark university College by 2013 and Polymer science and technology in Huazhong University of Science and Technology by 2008. He is mainly focusing on CCS field at present. He has published 40 journal papers and 1 book, and 4 patents.


  1. Doris Bawak (University College of Southeast Norway)
  2. Dag Eimer (Tel-Tek)
  3. Zulkifli Idris (Tel-Tek)
  4. Jiru Ying (Tel-Tek)

Topic Area

Post-combustion capture


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