Developing a more “respectful” cement: from thermodynamic calculations to real–life applications

Yiannis Pontikes

KU Leuven

Yiannis Pontikes is a BOF-ZAP associate professor at the Department of Materials Engineering, KU Leuven. He is leading the Secondary Resources for Engineered Material (SREMat) research group, that consists of approximately 15 post-doctoral and post-graduate researchers. SREMat has built an expertise on the valorisation of residues towards ceramic, cement and inorganic polymer (geopolymer) formulations, from the level of binder synthesis all the way to full scale prototypes. Yiannis has been a co-author in >60 peer-reviewed journal papers, he is currently work package leader or project coordinator in 12 national and international projects and is participating in different fora and networks (SIM2 at KU Leuven, CR3 in USA…). He is one of the founders of the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, where he serves as the managing editor.


The development of alternative cementitious binders has been primarily fuelled by the need to reduce the environmental footprint of ordinary Portland cement (OPC). A wide range of approaches and options have been proposed,... [ view full abstract ]


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