Production of belite rich clinkers from pulp and paper industry waste streams in laboratory and full scale


The pulp and paper industry generates large amounts of Ca-rich waste streams. In the current study these waste streams were transformed to reactive belite rich clinkers by low temperature clinkering. Additionally, the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Valter Wigren (Renotech Oy)
  2. Bob Talling (Renotech Oy)
  3. Gaurav Das (Renotech Oy)
  4. Kristian Gunnelius (Renotech Oy)
  5. Riikka Silmu (UPM Research Center)
  6. Katja Viitikko (UPM Research Center)

Topic Areas

Lessons learnt from practical projects , New products, applications and machinery , Other (please speficy on the next page)


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