Utilization of mass stabilized surplus mud and clay as fill and embankment construction material in urban building


Marine sediments in the coastal areas are often contaminated as a consequence of industrial and port activities, as well as the influence of cities located there. Construction activities and reclamation of shore line require... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Juha Forsman (Ramboll Finland Oy)
  2. Noora Lindroos (Ramboll Finland Oy)
  3. Matias Napari (Ramboll Finland Oy)
  4. Markus Melander (Ramboll Finland Oy)
  5. Leena Korkiala-Tanttu (Aalto University)
  6. Mikko Suominen (City of Helsinki)

Topic Areas

Lessons learnt from practical projects , Monitoring and long term performance, both technical and environmental


2E » Utilization of Sediments and Contaminated Soils (13:15 - Thursday, 7th June, Duetto 2)

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