Organic pollution loads in municipal solid waste incineration fly ash derived from highly reactive slaked lime in leachate from landfill site


High levels of total organic carbon (TOC) are often detected in leachate from landfill sites in Japan, which is problematic for proper leachate treatment. The chelating agent for stabilizing heavy metals has often been... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Satoshi MIZUTANI (Osaka City University)
  2. Katsunori MATOZAKI (Osaka City University)
  3. Hirofumi SAKANAKURA (National Institute of Environmental Studies)
  4. Yoshinori KANJO (Osaka City University)

Topic Areas

Monitoring and long term performance, both technical and environmental , Other (please speficy on the next page)


3B » Utilisation of MSWI bottom ash II (13:45 - Wednesday, 6th June, Maestro)

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