An accelerated, on-site bottom ash stabilization treatment and the effect of long-term leaching of bottom ash


Ash stabilization plays an important role in the safety and security of landfills and in driving ash recycling. An on-site technology that uses an optimized detachable container and stabilizes ash with sprinkling water and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Hiroshi Kubota (Fujita Corporation)
  2. Koga Shigeizumi (Fujita Corporation)
  3. Takuro Fujikawa (Fukuoka University)
  4. Chikashi Koga (Fukuoka University)
  5. Kenichi Sato (Fukuoka University)

Topic Areas

Lessons learnt from practical projects , Monitoring and long term performance, both technical and environmental , Durability and ageing


3C » Utilization of Slags and Ashes (15:45 - Wednesday, 6th June, Maestro)

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