Activation of kaolinite based coal waste: chemical and thermal activation and their mineralogy


One inconvenience presented by the thermal activation of kaolinite-based wastes is their low content of metakaolinite, a highly pozzolanic product listed in current standards for the manufacture of commercial cements. The... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Marina Casas (Autonomous University of Madrid.)
  2. Rosario García-Giménez (Autonomous University of Madrid. Geomateriales-Unidad asociada (CSIC-UAM).)
  3. Raquel Vigil De La Villa (Autonomous University of Madrid. Geomateriales-Unidad asociada (CSIC-UAM).)
  4. Laura Caneda (Eduardo Torroja Institute (IETcc-CSIC))
  5. Sagrario Martínez Ramírez (Institute for the Structure of Matter (IEM-CSIC))
  6. Moisés Frías (Eduardo Torroja Institute (IETcc-CSIC))
  7. Iñigo Vegas (Tecnalia)

Topic Areas

Interaction and chemical compatibility with other materials and structures , New products, applications and machinery , Development of testing methods and standardization


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