Exploration of ecotoxicity tests for environmental assessment of coal fly ash based geopolymers: Experience with the Daphnia magna acute test


Ecotoxicological assessment of construction products is especially relevant for the building and for the demolition phase in their life cycle. Geopolymers are new construction materials based in alumina and silica by an... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Juan Dacuba (University of Cantabria)
  2. Andrea Galotti (University of Jaen)
  3. Gema Parra (University of Jaen)
  4. Araceli Rodriguez (University of Cantabria)
  5. Eva Cifrian (University of Cantabria)
  6. Javier R. Viguri (University of Cantabria)
  7. Ana Andrés (University of Cantabria)

Topic Area

Development of testing methods and standardization


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