Novel treatment methods of sedimented fibre sludge, 0-fibre, for utilization


Historically, pulp mills across the boreal area have discharged large quantities of effluents with high content of wood fiber into receiving water systems. Until the 1950's, when the waste water treatment plants become more... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tuomas Suikkanen (Ramboll)
  2. Reijo Väliharju (City of Tampere)
  3. Harri Jyrävä (Ramboll Finland Oy)
  4. Pentti Lahtinen (Ramboll Finland Oy)

Topic Areas

New products, applications and machinery , Processing possibilities and logistics


2E » Utilization of Sediments and Contaminated Soils (13:15 - Thursday, 7th June, Duetto 2)

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