Expansion of WREN – An International Collaborative Under International Energy Agency Wind

Karin Sinclair

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Karin has been at NREL for over 20 years and leads the Wind Program’s environmental research effort, with a focus on wind-wildlife challenges. She is the Operating Agent for IEA Wind Task 34, an international collaborative known as WREN – Working Together to Resolve Environmental Effects of Wind Energy. Karin has a B.S. in Economics and a M.A. in Environmental Administration, both from the University of California, Riverside.


Land-based and offshore wind energy projects must address concerns of environmental effects if project permits are to be secured. While deployment thresholds have been established in many countries, access to information on... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Karin Sinclair (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Topic Areas

Assessing direct and indirect effects on wildlife and their habitats , Evaluating novel approaches (e.g., conceptual, methodological, technological) to avoiding, , Bats , Risk prediction , Testing the efficacy of efforts intended to minimize or compensate for impacts to species , Birds , Eagles , Raptors , Prairie grouse , Big game , Threatened or endangered species , Other , Canada , Europe , U.S. - No Specific Region , U.S. - Pacific Region (USFWS Region 1) , U.S. - Southwest (USFWS Region 2) , U.S. - Great Lakes-Big Rivers (USFWS Region 3) , U.S. - Southeast (USFWS Region 4) , U.S. - Northeast (USFWS Region 5) , U.S. - Mountain-Prairie (USFWS Region 6) , U.S. - Alaska (USFWS Region 7) , U.S. - California & Nevada (USFWS Region 8) , Central and/or South America , Mexico , Impact assessment , Mitigation , Methodology , Technology - detection or deterrent , Land-based , Offshore , Other , Considering the effects of wind energy development in the larger context of our energy cho , Other


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