Responding to a 100-Year-Old Challenge from Fisher: A Biometrical Analysis of Adult Height in the NLSY Data Using Only Cousin Pairs


One hundred years ago, Fisher (1918) published a paper that highlighted that genetic researchers should be especially interested in cousin pairs. We have the potential using the NLSY data to respond to a 100-year-old... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Joe Rodgers (Vanderbilt University)
  2. Mason Garrison (Vanderbilt University)
  3. Patrick O'Keefe (Vanderbilt University)
  4. David Bard (University of Oklahoma Health Science Center)
  5. Mike Hunter (University of Oklahoma Health Science Center)
  6. Will Beasley (University of Oklahoma Health Science Center)

Topic Areas

Health (e.g., BMI, Exercise) , Statistical Methods


OS-2C » Health (13:15 - Thursday, 21st June, Monadnock)

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