Modeling Child Body Mass Index Z-score Variation from Age 2 to 12 years Associated with Heritable and Rearing Environmental Factors Using Multilevel Model with Heterogeneous Variance


Many children follow predictable growth curves for BMI, showing consistent z-scores over time. However, some children show high BMI instability. The current study explored whether variability in children’s BMI-z scores over... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Chang Liu (The Pennsylvania State University)
  2. Jenae Neiderhiser (The Pennsylvania State University)
  3. Leslie Leve (University of Oregon)
  4. Daniel Shaw (University of Pittsburgh)
  5. David Reiss (Yale Child Study Center)
  6. Misaki Natsuaki (University of California Riverside)
  7. Jody Ganiban (George Washington University)

Topic Areas

Health (e.g., BMI, Exercise) , Statistical Methods , Development


OS-2C » Health (13:15 - Thursday, 21st June, Monadnock)

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