Genetic Factors in the Neuro-Development of Negative Urgency: Findings from a Community Dwelling Sample


Background: Negative urgency (NegUrg) refers to impulsive behaviors aimed at avoiding negative emotions. It has been described as a predisposing factor in psychopathology, with a moderate degree of heritability. This study... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Owen Mulledy (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  2. Casey Evans (Suffolk University)
  3. Kayle Sawyer (Boston University School of Medicine)
  4. Sarah Levy (Suffolk University)
  5. Jessica Pan (Suffolk University)
  6. Emilykate McDonough (Tufts University)
  7. David Gansler (Suffolk University)

Topic Areas

Cognition: Education, Intelligence, Memory, Attention , Gene Finding Strategies , Statistical Methods , Development


PS-4 » Impulsivity (18:00 - Thursday, 21st June)

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