An Early Risk Indicator of Alzheimer's Disease (AD): AD Polygenic Risk Score is Associated with a Psychophysiological Index of Cognitive Effort in Cognitively Normal Adults


Background: The pupillary dilation response during cognitive tasks is a validated index of cognitive effort. Given the same score, requiring greater effort suggests being closer to the point when compensatory capacity... [ view full abstract ]


  1. William Kremen (University of California, San Diego)
  2. Matthew Panizzon (University of California, San Diego)
  3. Jeremy Elman (University of California, San Diego)
  4. Daniel Gustavson (University of California, San Diego)
  5. Sean Hatton (University of California, San Diego)
  6. Mark Sanderson-cimino (University of California, San Diego)
  7. Nathan Gillespie (Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavior Genetics)
  8. Michael Neale (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  9. Chandra Reynolds (University of California Riverside)
  10. Rosemary Toomey (Boston University)
  11. Ruth Mckenzie (Boston University)
  12. Michael Lyons (Boston University)
  13. Carol Franz (University of California, San Diego)

Topic Areas

Aging , Cognition: Education, Intelligence, Memory, Attention , Neuropsychology (e.g. Dyslexia, Handedness, Language)


OS-6C » Adult Development & Aging (13:30 - Friday, 22nd June, Monadnock)

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