Maternal opioid analgesic use during pregnancy and offspring neurodevelopmental problems


The use of prescription opioid analgesic (POA) medications during pregnancy is increasing.1 Studies have linked maternal POAs during pregnancy to adverse birth outcomes in offspring (e.g., preterm birth).2 However, research... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ayesha Sujan (Indiana University, Bloomington)
  2. Patrick Quinn (Indiana University, Bloomington)
  3. Martin Rickert (Indiana University, Bloomington)
  4. Kelsey Wiggs (Indiana University, Bloomington)
  5. Paul Lichtenstein (Karolinska Institutet)
  6. Henrik Larsson (Karolinska Institutet)
  7. Anna Sara Oberg (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)
  8. Brian D'Onofrio (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Topic Area

Developmental Disorders (e.g. ADHD)


OS-9C » Psychopathology (13:15 - Saturday, 23rd June, Monadnock)



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