Genetic Contributions to Suicidal Ideation and Neurocognitive Functioning


Despite the challenges associated with conducting large scale genetic studies of suicide, researchers have used twin and family studies to identify heritability estimates ranging from 17-55% for suicide-related phenotypes... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Leslie Brick (Brown University)
  2. Marisa Marraccini (University of North Carolina)
  3. Lauren Micalizzi (Brown University)
  4. Chelsie Benca-bachman (Emory University)
  5. Valerie Knopik (Purdue University)
  6. Rohan Palmer (Emory University)

Topic Areas

Cognition: Education, Intelligence, Memory, Attention , Psychopathology (e.g., Internalizing, Externalizing, Psychosis)


OS-5C » Internalizing Problems (13:30 - Friday, 22nd June, Auditorium)

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