Building performance evaluation of domestic energy efficient retrofits in current and future climates

Teresa McGrath

Queen's University Belfast

Teresa has recently finished her role as Research Assistant on a UK government funded project working alongside social housing providers and an SME. The project aimed to develop low cost technology to monitor home energy usage and assist social landlords in retrofit decision making. A novel metric for evaluating building fabric is one of the outputs of the work. Teresa is now working full time on completing her PhD in Queen's University Belfast. She holds a degree in Civil Engineering from UCD and a Masters of Environmental Engineering in Queen's University Belfast.


Approximately half of the houses in Northern Ireland were built before any form of minimum thermal specification or energy efficiency standard was enforced. Furthermore, 44% of households are categorised as being in fuel... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Teresa McGrath (Queen's University Belfast)
  2. Neil Campbell (Queen's University Belfast)
  3. Sreejith Nanukuttan (Queen's University Belfast)
  4. Danielle Soban (Queen's University Belfast)
  5. Muhammed Basheer (Leeds University)

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