Using Photovoltaics to Power Electrochemical Chloride Extraction from Concrete

Sean Bond

Dublin Institute of Technology

Sean Bond graduated with an Honours degree from the Dublin Institute of Technology Bolton Street in 2015. He is currently a PhD student in the School of Civil and Structural Engineering at DIT Bolton Street where he is researching electrochemical chloride extraction and its efficiency.


Corrosion of embedded steel in reinforced concrete (RC) is a world-wide problem, that reduces structural performance and lifespan. Chloride attack may be a result of seawater, de-icing salts or contaminated addmixtures,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sean Bond (Dublin Institute of Technology)
  2. Lynette O'Callaghan (Dublin Institute of Technology)
  3. Niall Holmes (Dublin Institute of Technology)
  4. Brian Norton (Dublin Institute of Technology)

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