Keynote Lecture - Environment: Multi-performance retrofits to existing buildings: Increasing resiliency and reducing the environmental impact of buildings through simultaneous structural and energy retrofits

Corey Griffin

Portland State University

With graduate degrees in architecture and structural engineering, Prof Corey Griffin is an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at Portland State University, teaching design, structures and building science courses. His upper division undergraduate and graduate design courses focus on the integration of architectural design with structural, mechanical and enclosure systems. He also teaches graduate and undergraduate seminars on building science research methods. His own research focuses on the intersections of structural systems and green buildings with an emphasis on integrated design, multi-performance structures and resiliency.


Existing buildings consume 40 percent of the primary energy in the US. While new zero-energy buildings can gradually reduce this energy use, the existing building stock must be improved through deep energy retrofits to make a... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Corey Griffin (Portland State University)

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