Performance of Road Embankments on Glacial Deposits in Ireland

Fintan Buggy

Roughan & O'Donovan

Fintan Buggy is an Associate with Roughan & O’Donovan in Dublin and has lead their geotechnical practice since 2005. He obtained a bachelors degree in civil engineering at Loughborough University, England and a masters degree in soil mechanics at Imperial College , London. He has over 30 years’ total experience in geotechnical engineering in the UK, United States, Caribbean, and Ireland. Fintan recently served as the Chairman of the Geotechnical Society of Ireland from 2014 - 16 and currently as the Secretary. He has published a number of papers concerning geotechnical case histories of infrastructure and energy projects including past CERAI, GSI / Engineers Ireland and ISSMGE Conferences. He has lead Roughan & O’Donovan’s design for the geotechnical aspects of the Limerick Tunnel PPP project, and has significant experience in ground improvement and deep foundations for road and railway infrastructure on soft ground including vertical drains, surcharge, basal reinforcement and multi-stage construction.


Glacial deposits are very common as foundation soils supporting road embankments in Ireland and are typically present in almost all road projects. Despite this there is limited research data linking the settlement performance... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Fintan Buggy (Roughan & O'Donovan)
  2. Paul Kissane (Roughan & O'Donovan)
  3. Dominic Rush (UCD)
  4. Mike Long (UCD)

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