Recommendations for Numerical Modelling of Concentrically Braced Steel Frames with Gusset Plate Connections subjected to Earthquake Ground Motion

Terence Ryan

University of Limerick

Terence is a lecturer on the Civil Engineering programme at the University of Limerick. A structural engineer with PUNCH Consulting prior to joining UL, he is currently undertaking a PhD examining the response of concentrically braced steel frames to earthquake loading under the supervision of Prof. Brian Broderick at Trinity College Dublin.


In seismically active areas Concentrically Braced Steel Frames (CBFs) are commonly used in steel frame structures as an economic and effective means of both providing resistance to the lateral loading induced during... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Terence Ryan (University of Limerick)
  2. Brian Broderick (Trinity College Dublin)
  3. Alan Hunt (Trinity College Dublin)
  4. Jamie Goggins (National University of Ireland Galway)
  5. Suhaib Salawdeh (National University of Ireland Galway)

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ST-1 » Structures (10:30 - Tuesday, 30th August, ENG-2002)