Modelling the effects of Climate Change on historic maritime structures: Howth Harbour's East Pier (Ireland)

Susana Lizondo

Ove Arup & Partners Ireland

Susana Lizondo is Senior Maritime Engineer in the Arup’s Dublin office, specialising in the hydraulic modelling and assessment of coastal processes. She has been responsible for developing a wide range of coastal projects related to potential effects and mitigation measures on harbours and coastal areas due to Climate Change in various locations in the world. Susana is also member of the PIANC-PTGCC Working Group WG178 on climate change adaptation for maritime and inland port and navigation infrastructure.


The effects of Climate Change present a number of challenges for historical maritime structures. A study was undertaken to assess the potential effects of Climate Change on the historical protected structure, Howth Harbour... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Susana Lizondo (Ove Arup & Partners Ireland)
  2. Joshua Reilly (Ove Arup & Partners Ireland)
  3. Julie Ascoop (Ove Arup & Partners Ireland)
  4. Grainne Connolly (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine)
  5. John Campbell (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine)

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EN-2 » Environmental II (13:30 - Tuesday, 30th August, ENG-2002)