Preliminary Investigation into the rate of carbonation of concrete blocks under normal production yard conditions

Aimee Byrne

Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Aimee Byrne is an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Civil and Structural Engineering at DIT. Aimee received her doctoral degree from Trinity College Dublin for her thesis titled ‘Case Study of the Home Energy Saving Scheme: A multidisciplinary approach’. This was an evaluation of the Irish residential energy efficiency retrofit grant scheme involving monitoring, laboratory experiments, surveys and interviews. She followed this with a postdoctoral fellowship at DIT for the SFI TIDA project ‘Protection of reinforced concrete structures using solar energy stored in cement batteries to power cathodic’ and the EI commercialisation project ‘Non-destructive Assessment of the Resistivity, chloride and carbonation Profiles in reinforced concrete Structures’. More recently she has been involved in an industry led project examining carbon dioxide sequestering in cement blocks. During her research career Aimee has published peer reviewed papers in the areas of energy and buildings, novel material use and user-centered design. Aimee has also been involved in funding applications, patent applications and is currently a member of COST Action TU1404.


The release of CO2 from calcination during the manufacture of cement can be partially or fully offset by the CO2 it naturally absorbs during its lifetime. This paper reports results from a preliminary investigation into the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Aimee Byrne (Dublin Institute of Technology)
  2. Eanna Nolan (Irish Cement Limited)

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